Value is a term I feel is frequently overused and misused. My definition of perceived value is when the product or service you received is worth more to you than you paid for it. Perhaps you patronize one of our many restaurants in Ketchum, such as Perrys, The Kneadery, or for fine dining, Vintage. If after you complete your meal, you feel the food and the service far exceeded the price charged, that is perceived value. Another excellent example is the Mountain Express. Many of us depend upon the Express for our local news. Just think how much you pay for your copy of the Mountain Express vs. other news publications like the Idaho Statesman.

Now let’s discuss perceived value, when you bring in your old, no longer wanted, and even broken gold and platinum jewelry to Diamond Buyers in Ketchum.  What you may perceive as a pile of old, outdated, tangled or broken jewelry may in fact bring you a check for $500, $700., or $1,500… now, that is true value!

At Diamond Buyers, we pay top dollar, on the spot, every Monday through Friday from 11 am to 5 pm at 411 N. Leadville Ave, in Ketchum. You may call Cyn Hannah at 208-726-GOLD (726-4653) for a private appointment. Now that precious metal prices are at record levels, with gold over $1100./oz, and platinum over $1600./oz., it does not take much to add up to a handsome sum of cash. Visit us at Diamond Buyers and cash in on the modern day gold rush!


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