Weekly, I have people visit me at Diamond Buyers who are uncertain as to whether they should sell their diamond or their old gold jewelry. My response is generally always the same. “If you find yourself consistently wearing them and it brings you pleasure, absolutely not.” If, on the other hand, you find your lifestyle has changed and you wear the items little to not at all, it is worthy of consideration.

At Diamond Buyers, there is never a charge for us to evaluate your items and make you a cash offer, nor are you ever under any obligation. Our job is to help you determine how you can convert your unwanted jewelry into as much cash as possible! As a GIA trained gemologist I will grade your diamond, based on its cut, color, clarity and carat weight and make you a cash offer on the spot.

Diamond Buyers is an aggressive buyer of diamonds 1carat to 10 carats. We also are interested in buying period estate jewelry, prestige watches and coins. Cyn Hannah specializes in converting your broken or outdated gold and platinum jewelry into cash. Now that gold is at world record levels of over $1200 an ounce, and platinum is over $1500 an ounce, it does not take much to add up to a handsome sum of cash.

So back to the question… to sell or not to sell… Please visit us at 411 N. Leadville Ave in Ketchum, (across from Atkinsons, above Ozzies Shoes) and let us help you make an intelligent decision. I have been satisfying customers for over 40 years because I never forget YOU are the reason we are in business! Diamond Buyers is open Monday- Friday from 11am -5pm or by private appointment by calling 726-Gold (4653).

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