There is a familiar saying “diamonds are forever”…unless of course, you no longer want them to be. Perhaps due to a lifestyle change or a broken relationship, you don’t want your diamond, or it has bad memories.

If you are in the category of not wanting a diamond forever, how do you go about selling it and determining a fair price?  Hopefully, when you purchased, or were given your diamond, you received a GIA (Gemological Institute of America) diamond certificate. This document is recognized the world over and will state without question your diamonds’ cutting grade, color grade, clarity grade and its exact weight. This is otherwise known as the 4 C’s. With this certificate, a knowledgeable gemologist can determine its current resale value. If all you have is an independent appraisal, well that document is only as good as the individuals’ qualifications who prepared it. In some cases, it may be very accurate, and in others, it may not be worth the paper that it’s written on.

As a GIA trained gemologist, I will determine the 4 C’s, as they pertain to your diamond, and make you a cash offer on the spot. At Diamond Buyers, we purchase diamonds one carat and larger, the bigger, the better. So-back to the title of my column “What is Your Diamond Worth?” Whether you offer to sell it to your favorite jeweler, a personal friend, or to me at Diamond Buyers, no one is going to pay the appraised retail price. After all, how could any business stay in business buying items for the same price they sell them for? As for your friend, don’t you think if they were going to pay full price they would buy it from their favorite jeweler, where they may receive free ring sizing, trade in privileges, and financing, if requested?

Every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, from 11am to 5pm, I will pay you top dollar on the spot for your diamonds based on the current wholesale value. So, if you or a friend have a diamond one to six carats in size, which you have considered selling, visit me,

Mike Menser, at Diamond Buyers on 411 N. Leadville Ave. in Ketchum or call 208-726-GOLD (726-4653) for a private appointment. I will be happy to make you a cash offer with no obligation to you. I hope to see you soon.


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