Actually that’s all it takes, one hour or less. $563 is the average check we write to individuals who bring in their outdated or broken gold and platinum jewelry.  Sure, we write some checks for $200 or less and we write some for over $2500. But the average on over a hundred checks is $563 per person.

So, if you think you can spare an hour or less of your time you will probably be the recipient of a similar amount. At world record prices of over $1200 an ounce for gold and  $1500 for platinum, it literally only takes a handful of broken chains, half pair of earrings, an old gold watch or wedding band to surpass our average check amount.

Cyn Hannah, our gold specialist will evaluate the purchase of your gold on “real time” market value.  She will pull up the price of gold at that moment on her computer and pay you accordingly.  She will separate your gold by 10kt, 14kt, 18kt or platinum and pay you on the spot.

Our job is to help you convert unwanted gold and platinum jewelry into enough money to treat yourself to a new hiking outfit, bike, fly rod, or even ashort vacation.

Please visit us at 411 N Leadville Ave. across from Atkinson’s and above Ozzie’s shoes. Or call 208-726-GOLD (726-4653)


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