Can you believe the stock market and our national and international state of affairs? Disappointing is hardly the word for it.  With unemployment at record highs, corporate sales flat, and real estate prices depressed, where in the world does one invest their money these days?  Cash is always an option, at least for preservation of capital, but the return is next to nothing.  Hi…this is Mike Menser of Diamond Buyers in Ketchum. Daily, customers ask me my thoughts on investing in gold.  The value of (1) ounce of pure gold has increased 41% in the last 12 months.  Gold recently broke $1650/oz. and many experts believe it will break $2000 an ounce before this Christmas.  Gold, like all other commodities, is a volatile investment and there are no assurances.  At Diamond Buyers we recommend for those wishing to invest in gold to consider 5 to 15% of their investment portfolio.  One can invest in gold ETF’s, gold mutual funds, gold mining funds or take possession of the actual metal itself.  At Diamond Buyers we sell all gold bullion coins and stamped certified gold bullion bars.  If you’re tired of losing money in all of your other investment vehicles and would like to consider gold, please give me a call at 726-GOLD (4653).  Diamond Buyers, located across from Atkinson’s and above Ozzie’s Shoes in Ketchum….Where integrity and trust come before profit.

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