With any type of investing you want to buy at the bottom of the market and sell at the top.  That is a theory that is easier to understand than it is to practice!  For instance, many of us have been caught up in the real estate investment crisis.  We believed we purchased homes as good investments at fair prices only to see our real estate values tumble.  The same could be said with stock portfolios whose values gyrate with the huge fluctuations in the stock market.  And now we look at the price of gold and wonder if the amazing price run up can continue.  The price of gold has increased over 50% in the last year and over 15% in the last month!  We might ask ourselves, if gold is going higher and setting world records  weekly, should I buy more, should I just sit with what I have….or is it time to sell and raise some cash?

At Diamond Buyers we get daily inquiries about purchasing gold coins, and we sell coins to our customers on a regular basis.  When you purchase gold coins from us, our minimum transaction is $10,000.  We sell ALL gold bullion coins, but our favorite is the 24k gold Canadian Maple Leaf, because the Royal Canadian mint sets the standard for excellence for all other mints to follow.  Plus, now that the world is becoming a global economy, 24k gold coins (.9999 fine gold) is preferred worldwide, and is regarded with the highest degree of collectability.  So, if you believe that the price of gold is going to continue its’ long-term upward trend, you might consider purchashing gold coins from us at Diamond Buyers.  In addition, we also SELL all silver bullion coins and, with silver having recently broken through the $40/ounce level, it might be a good time to reevaluate your silver holdings!

We want to remind you that Diamond Buyers is the “place to go in Idaho” for selling unwanted gold, platinum, silver, diamonds, prestige watches, coins and estate jewelry.  We are open Monday-Friday from 11am-5pm.  Please give us a call on our toll free number:  855-753-4653, or locally at 726-GOLD (4653).  And, if you are visiting us in Ketchum, please call to set up an appointment.  We would love to help you.

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