Could there be a better time to sell some of your gold?  Gold continues to break record prices every week.  Gold prices have experienced an unprecedented 6th consecutive up week, now exceeding $1800 an ounce.  This represents a 12% increase in only one month, a 45% increase from just one year ago and an amazing 190% increase over the last 5 years!  Some experts believe that gold prices are going to continue to climb higher…there are some that say that gold could push through $4000 an ounce!  Although we don’t have a crystal ball and can’t predict the future, we DO know the facts.  Today’s gold prices bring an extraordinary opportunity to make some nice money by bringing us your gold to sell!

At Diamond Buyer’s in Ketchum, Idaho, on a daily basis we have customers visit us who are excited about cashing in on this chance to sell their gold. Most customers are surprised to see how much cash they can walk away with when they bring us their outdated gold jewelry…or any other form of gold…to sell.  On average we are writing checks for $1288 to our customers for a handful of gold.  Not bad, considering most of this gold is old, outdated, broken and/or unloved!

In addition to buying gold from our customers, we are also buyers of sterling silver flatware and hollowware, diamonds, coins, prestige watches and estate jewelry.  For more details, please visit un on our website:, give us a call on our toll free number:  855 753-4653, or 208 726-GOLD (4653).  Or, if you are in Ketchum, please stop in and visit us in our offices above Ozzie’s Shoes and across from Atkinson’s.  Our goal is to put money in your pocket and a smile on your face!!!


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