Knowing when to sell is an age-old problem.   Too many of us, myself included, sometimes think the run will never quit.  We seem to think it just keeps going higher and higher.  The truth is at some point there is always a correction, and things go the other way.  Hi…this is Mike Menser of Diamond Buyers in Ketchum.  Now that gold is over $1650 per ounce and silver is nearly $40 an ounce, customers are asking me daily:  “is this a good time to sell my old gold jewelry or sterling silver flatware or hollowware I rarely, if ever, use?”  Based on my real estate experience, as a homeowner in this Valley, waiting for prices to continue to rise before I sold proved to be a grave mistake.  The lesson I learned was not to be greedy, but sell on the way up and not wait for “the top.”  I believe the same holds true when it comes to selling your old, outdated gold jewelry, and sterling silver flatware and hollowwware you rarely use.  The average check we now write for a handful of gold is $1288; the average check we write for a sterling silver flatware set is $1500-$1800.  If you find you’re not wearing the jewelry and you’re tired of polishing silver you rarely use, I would say now is an excellent time to sell.  Take that money and treat yourself to something that would bring you and your family great happiness….after all, life is just too short.  Diamond Buyers, located across from Atkinson’s and above Ozzie’s Shoes in Ketchum…..where you always leave with money in your pocket and a smile on your face.

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