When examining a diamond, gemologists look for the “4 C’s” to determine the quality of the diamond:  carat, clarity, color and cut.  At Diamond Buyers, when we talk to a customer about selling his or her diamond to us, we add an additional “4 C’s” to the diamond selling process.

1) Confidence:  Essential when selling your diamond, you have to be certain the person you are dealing with not only has the proper credentials and is a graduate of the Gemological Institute of America, but has the ethical standards to go along with those credentials.

2)  Constant Communication:  The Company that you are corresponding with in hopes of selling your diamond should stay in constant communication with you and explain the entire process so that you are not left wondering how or when the transaction will occur.  Part of the communication process involves the seller sending the buyer copies of any appraisals that pertain to the item, or diamond certificates furnished by gem labs, such as the GIA, EGL or IGI.

3)  Consideration:  The buyer should give proper consideration to the cutting grade, color grade and clarity grade of your diamond, paying special attention to such things as proper cutting proportions, finish grade, polish grade and the presence or lack of florescence.  The buyer should communicate to you how these things affect the value of your diamond and explain fully and clearly how they relate to your diamond.

4) Cash:  The buyer has to have substantial assets to either mail you their company check, deposit money in your PayPal account or wire money to your bank.  The cash value of your diamond is significantly different than the original retail price, unless you have owned the diamond for 15-20 years, in  which case it could be similar.  When you are selling your diamond, you will be selling it on a wholesale level and normally you will have purchased it at the retail level, so anticipate the variance.

At Diamond Buyers, we specialize in buying diamonds 1 carat and larger…the bigger the better!  We have the ability to write a 6-figure check and wire it to you overnight.  Our preference is to buy round, princess-cut sheer-cut, asscher cut, cushion shapes or radiant cuts…but we will consider all other “fancy” shapes.  If you would like to see some of the diamonds we have purchased in the past, and the amounts we have paid, please click on the “What We Buy” tab on our home page.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you with the sale of your diamond.  Please email us or call us on our toll free number:  855-753-4653.

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