On a daily basis at Diamond Buyers, we discuss with our customers whether or not now is the time to sell their gold or diamonds.  It is always curious when people approach the same situation but have such different perceptions.  At Diamond Buyers, we purchase outdated and even broken gold and platinum jewelry, as well as diamonds of 1 carat or larger.  It is not unusual for us to receive an inquiry  from a customer who cannot wait  to “cash it all in”….sell some gold, walk away with a smile on his or her face and some money to put in the bank.  Other customers, however, are more reluctant.  Recently we had a customer tell us that she could not believe that “it had come down to this…I am selling my jewelry because I need the money.”  She was not happy about parting with her things.  Our response to this hesitant customer was…”Have you worn the jewelry recently?”  Her response….”Not in years!”  Our retort…”Does it have sentimental value?”  Her answer…”Sort of…well not really.”  She ended up selling her gold jewelry to us….and also walked away with money in her pocket and a smile on her face.  So, while the first customer viewed her experience as an opportunity to sell an unused asset at a premium price, much like selling a stock that has reached its’ full value or potential,  the latter customer, although reluctant at first, ended up happy to part with possessions that she realized she really did not need…and also receive a handsome check.  Two different perceptions with the same happy outcome!

Gold has reached very high levels, and we pay excellent prices for diamonds of 1 carat or larger, so now may be an ideal time to sell gold or diamonds that you are not wearing.  We hope that when YOU decide to sell some of your gold, platinum or diamonds that you will come to us.  Mike Menser, owner of Diamond Buyers, is a trained gemologist who has been in the jewelry business for over 40 years.  Customers have been trusting Mike and trusting Diamond Buyers for years, because we never forget that you, the customer, are the reason we are in business.

Please call us today on our toll free number 855 726-4653 to discuss how we might help you sell your diamonds, gold and platinum jewelry.

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