Nov 02


Last week, as I rummaged through my attic searching for my spooky Halloween decorations, I was taken by the thought that not only was I scouring my belongings for old treasures, but thousands, if not millions, of people were doing exactly the same thing at the same time!  It is that time of year again when we flea to our attics…or garages or basements, as the case may be…to try to find our seasonal decorations.  As we get closer to Christmas, these same storage places become temporary shelter for our gifts, hidden away until Christmas morning!

As I opened unmarked boxes, I wondered what could be inside some of these containers, stashed away years ago.  Maybe an heirloom long ago forgotten?  Maybe old photographs of relatives never met?  Maybe, just maybe, a hidden treasure or two!

It is not at all unusual for us to receive a call or email from a customer who has just found such a treasure, often in the form of old, unwanted and perhaps broken gold or platinum jewelry.  Sometimes people find sterling silver, tarnished to the point of blackness!  Once in a while, people find a stash of old coins..solid silver or gold, if they are lucky.  And, if you are very fortunate, maybe you will be the person to find an old jewelry box, filled with your old Aunt Millie’s diamonds!!!

It does not take many of these treasures to add up to a small fortune.  And, as the holidays approach, we could all use some extra cash to add to our own small fortunes!  On a daily basis we write checks for $500.00, $700.00, $1,500.00 and more!  We at Diamond Buyers are generous buyers of diamonds (1 carat or larger…the bigger the better), gold and platinum jewelry (condition does not matter!), prestige watches, and sterling silver and gold coins and bullion.  We pride ourselves on our integrity and quick turn-around time.

Please call us today, toll free, at 855 753-4653, or email us at and tell us what treasures you have found in your attic!

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