We all know that as the Holidays quickly approach a mild panic sets in.  Will we get the cookies baked?  Will we get the perfect tree?  Will we succeed in finding the perfect gift for that special person?  Will we find the time to get the house decorated and the presents wrapped?  The “to do” list seems to get larger every day as we get closer to the “special day.”  And gnawing away at all of us is the question of how to finance all the holiday expenditures.  How do I pay for Johnny’s new bike?  Mom has wanted that iPod for years!  Suzie wants a new digital camera.  Dad has eyed a beautiful flat screen TV he wants so badly.  And we just HAVE to get all the cousins those iTunes cards!  Visions of dollar signs are dancing in our heads!

Diamond Buyers generously purchases unwanted, outdated and broken gold and sterling silver jewelry, sterling silver flatware and hollowware, diamonds, “prestige” watches and gold and silver coins.  Many of us have these unloved treasures simply lying about the house (or tucked away in the attic!).  Diamond Buyers would love to help you sell these unwanted items…and will reward you handsomely.  On a daily basis we write checks for hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars for handfuls of broken, unwanted gold jewelry.  And our customers recognize us as a trusted and generous buyer of their diamonds.  The process is simple and quick…and isn’t this the perfect time to sell?  Not only do we all need cash right now…but gold and silver prices are at lofty levels.  So, if you would like to raise some cash for the holidays, simply email us or call our toll-free number (855-753-4653) and we will be more than happy to help you.

Don’t let the expenses of the holidays take away from the joys.  After all, Tis the Season to be Jolly, and, with a few extra dollars in your wallet, jolly you will be.  So…ho ho ho it to Diamond Buyers…and let us help you put the goodies your family wants under your Christmas tree this year.

Happy Holidays from Diamond Buyers!!!!