Being in a financial bind, out of work, or having a loved one in need of expensive medical care is a tough place to be. What do you do? Well, of course, the preferred choice is to get a loan from a financial institution or a friend. But what if you can’t? That’s when you turn to Diamond Buyers of Idaho. We are located in Ketchum, Idaho and we buy diamonds, diamond jewelry, estate jewelry, gold and silver coin collections and prestige watches like Rolex and Cartier from people just like you all over this great country of ours.

We know you want to sell your items for as much as possible and we feel you should get it! We have been satisfying customers for over 45 years. We are members of the Better Business Bureau and the local chamber of commerce. We are GIA-trained gemologists and we have the expertise to properly evaluate any diamond or diamond jewelry you might wish to sell.  We buy all sizes, shapes, and price ranges. The bigger and more valuable the better.

Contact us today at Diamond Buyers to get a free estimate of the value of your diamond ring or estate jewelry. Or call 208-450-9014. Your inquiry will be received and responded to in an informative, kind and compassionate manner.

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