Use your jewelry for a loan in Idaho

Over recent years, asset-based loans have grown in popularity while bank loans have maintained their rigorous processes and regulations. Getting on board early with changing trends, Diamond Buyers was established to offer unparalleled opportunities for those searching for a reliable lending company.  Idaho in particular, has been a hotbed of growth for Diamond Buyers as industry growth has increased the need for quick cash and loans.

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How to set a Rolex watch

A Rolex has over 200 moving parts that come together to create an intricate, precise work of art. You don’t have to know how every single part of your Rolex works, but you should at least know how to set a Rolex watch.

Setting a Rolex is how you change the time and date displayed on the watch. It’s simple — with a few twists and turns of the right piece, you can take care of your watch and keep it accurate without making a trip to your local jeweler.

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How to Get a Jewelry-Backed Loan

More Than Just Jewels

Have you ever heard of a jewelry-backed loan? Fine jewelry has more value than just sparkle and shine. Your fine jewelry is a great option to use when you need quick cash. Many jewelry owners aren’t aware of the loan opportunities that their jewels give them. Your fine jewelry could be the perfect item for collateral.

jewelry evaluaiton

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What makes Patek Philippe stand out

There is only one Patek Philippe, and something about it catches collectors’ attention like no other luxury watch brand.

It might be the scarcity of the Swiss company’s timepieces and the technological innovation behind each watch. It might be the company’s long history and spotless reputation.

But really, it might just be the looks.

patek philippe-Watch_3-1024x683

The Patek Philippe name is synonymous with high-end timepieces, and the brand’s watches are some of the most desirable pieces to own. Throughout the company’s nearly 200-year history, its watches have been crafted by generations of family members, worn by royalty and broken records at auction houses.

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Championship Rings Make Great Loan Collateral

Even if you are not a football fan, it probably didn’t escape your notice that this past weekend everyone around you was obsessing over all things football. Whether you were on the edge of your seat watching every play, or were only there for the food, parties for “The Big Game” have become an American tradition . Everyone becomes obsessed with all things football even if it’s just for a weekend.


And if your are a jewelry fan you can’t wait to see the latest over the top ring created just to commemorate winning this event. Championship rings are unmistakable, usually very large, and incorporate lots of metal and sometimes hundreds of diamonds, especially those created for the winners of “The Big Game”.

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Rolex Deepsea D-Blue Dial: A Celebration of Human Exploration

Rolex has long been dedicated to the “spirit of adventure” and has a long history of exploration. They were the first watch on the top of the world and the first watch on the bottom of the ocean.

In 2012 movie director and deep-sea explorer, James Cameron, was the first man to reach the deepest known part of the ocean, the Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench, on a solo dive. As part of the expedition, Rolex engineered a special watch, The Deepsea D-Blue Dial, which went on the expedition with Cameron. Only two other individuals have made this dive, Jacques Piccard and U.S. Navy Lieutenant Don Walsh, on the Bathyscaphe Trieste expedition in 1960. Rolex was also a part of this pioneering expedition when they set the record, still held today, for the deepest depth, 10,916 meters (35,814 feet) achieved by man.

rolex deepsea blue dial

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Sell Your Jewelry: Bulgari Serpenti Collection

Sotirio Bulgari founded Bulgari in Rome in 1884. He was inspired by his Greek heritage and the city of Rome. Many of the brand’s collections today are still influenced by Greek & Roman history, architecture and culture.

Due to Bulgari’s very distinct style, their jewelry is easily recognizable making it very trendy. One of their most recognizable collections is the Serpenti. The central motif of this collection is the snake, which symbolizes rebirth and transformation. They began making serpent jewelry in the 1940’s using a technique called Tubogas, which was inspired by an ancient Roman technique to make jewelry. This technique was perfect for wrapping jewelry around the arm. They utilized it in watches, using this technique for the band and a watch face where the head of the snake would be.

A Bulgari watch that utilizes the Tubogas technique, circa 1990s.

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How to resell your sterling silver David Yurman jewelry

At Diamond Buyers, our biggest asset is our expertise. As a leading re-seller and lender in the jewelry industry, we’re constantly following trends and designers to better serve our customers.

Take David Yurman, for example. The brand’s pieces, like the iconic cable bracelet, are only growing in popularity. But since many of the most popular pieces are made of sterling silver, other jewelry buyers won’t even consider making an offer. However, at Diamond Buyers, we can offer you between 15 and 25 percent of the retail value of your sterling silver David Yurman jewelry.

David Yurman sterling silver cable bracelets.
David Yurman sterling silver cable bracelets.

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