Pawn a watch and avoid more credit card debt

Instead of maxing out your credit cards to pay unexpected bills or finance a business opportunity, look no further than what’s in your jewelry box. A luxury watch, even if it’s old or shows wear, can dig you out of a financial hole. Consider the option to pawn a watch instead of getting further into debt.

If you don’t think your watch is worth much, you might be surprised at Diamond Buyers. Many of our customers bring in watches passed down through family, and don’t realize their value.

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The best way to pawn a Rolex is to avoid the pawn shop

When you’re looking for a place to pawn a Rolex, it’s important to avoid a pawn shop. This may sound like counter-intuitive advice — how can you pawn a Rolex without visiting a pawn shop? What many customers don’t realize, however, is that pawn shops aren’t equipped to deal with luxury watches. Instead, pawn a Rolex somewhere with watch industry expertise like Diamond Buyers.

It’s common to see nice watches on display when you walk through a pawn shop. Remember, most of those watches you see were probably a bad deal for their previous owner. Here’s what you need to know before you pawn a Rolex.

The classic GMT Master Rolex watch.

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Get a short term loan against jewelry in Idaho

When all you need is quick cash to get yourself out of a pinch, get a short term loan against jewelry in Idaho. Jewelry is an investment, so when money’s short make it work for you. Asset-based loans are quick, easy, and secure with Diamond Buyers. All you have to do is submit your loan request online and we can start the process to get you funded up to $500,000 in as few as 24 hours.

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Store your jewelry at Diamond Buyers

Did you know you can store your jewelry in the Diamond Buyers vaults? It’s a win-win situation — you get peace of mind knowing your jewelry is safe and you can borrow money using your jewelry in just hours. There is no fee to store your jewelry at Diamond Buyers.

Diamond Buyers is happy to store your luxury jewelry in our secure vault.

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Temporarily pawn your Rolex in Ketchum

In Ketchum, there are many opportunities for lifestyle and business improvements where a quick source of cash is useful, so why not temporarily pawn your Rolex to get the money you need? Asset-based loans are an ideal solution for short term cash advances. The low-risk, easy-out loans are secured entirely by your luxury timepiece, so there are no credit checks holding you back from the money you need.

Diamond Buyers loaned $5,500 for this 1976 Rolex Submariner with stainless steel bezel.

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How much to pawn a wedding ring for

One question we get all the time is how much you can pawn a wedding ring for. Unfortunately, there’s no single answer. Diamond Buyers will loan up to $500,000 on your jewelry. But, since every wedding ring is different, every loan is different too.

A client borrowed $40,000 from Diamond Buyers for this 5.09CTW diamond ring.

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Borrow against Rolex watches in Ketchum

Whether you’re in a pinch and need cash quick, or have planning for upcoming expenses, your Rolex watch can easily get you thousands in 24 hours in Ketchum. Avoid traditional bank hassles by borrowing money against your luxury watch. Diamond Buyers offers a simple procedure and efficient funding process, which allows you to borrow up to $500,000 in as few as 24 hours.

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Pawn your diamond ring at Diamond Buyers

Need cash quickly? If you have jewelry you don’t wear anymore, pawn your diamond ring or other pieces at Diamond Buyers. With our local Idaho location and our wide lending network around the country, you can get up to $500,000 in 24 hours or less at Diamond Buyers.

Pawn your diamond ring at Diamond Buyers to get the biggest possible loan amount. Here are threes reasons Diamond Buyers is able to give more on pawns than our competitors.

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