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Diamond Buyers sells wholesale diamonds that are GIA certified diamonds and at wholesale prices. The only assurance you have as to getting the actual quality you want is to purchase a GIA diamond that is certified. There are other gem laboratories that do diamond certification such as the IGI, EGL and others, but often times these certifications are not worth the paper they’re written on. The GIA is the only diamond certificate that is undisputed the world over. The GIA certifies all the gemstones in the Smithsonian Institute as well as the crown jewels for England. Furthermore Diamond Buyers only sells diamonds that are well cut to yield maximum brilliance and color grades of D-J. Any color grade below J will have shades of yellow in it which is not desirable. As for clarity grades Diamond Buyers sells flawless-to I1. Clarity grades between flawless and SI2 are normally not visible to the naked eye. I1 clarity may be visible to the naked eye thus we recommend you call us and discuss the type of inclusion in the diamond. Where it is located and if it’s eye visible. Often times the inclusion may be white and not visible, but if it is it may be able to be covered by a prong. A diamond with I1 clarity can represent a very good value and cost you considerably less than one of the higher clarity grades. This is a personal decision for you to make if you wish to consider this clarity grade.


Diamond Buyers allow you to design your own engagement ring mounting and at wholesale prices. You may select from any of the basic styles shown and click on the shape of the diamond you choose and it will appear in the center. You may select the metal of your choice. Whether it is 14kt. or 18 kt. white or yellow gold or you may choose precious platinum which is the most enduring white metal of all. You may choose from our moderate cost designer settings or our elite diamond settings. If you do not find the design you are looking for please call us for it is impossible to show all of our designs. Describe what you are looking for and we will e-mail you a picture for confirmation. Diamond Buyers can furnish any style mounting you choose no matter where you find.