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Yellow diamonds are the most popular of all fancy color diamonds. They are available in many different shapes and in all sizes and qualities. Contact us at 208-450-9014  for your favorite color, shape, and size.
The most important thing to know about natural color diamonds is that the key to the value is the”color”or the intensity of the color. Natural fancy yellow diamonds have been available for over 100s of years; however they have come back into vogue in a very strong way within the last 5-10 years. You will find celebrities frequently giving their beloved a fancy colored diamond. You will find models wearing fancy color diamonds in magazines like Vogue.

What makes a yellow diamond yellow? The presence of nitrogen causes the yellow color in diamonds. Secondary colors like green or brown are not desirable. Of all the fancy color diamonds brown is the least rare and yellow is second. This makes the yellow diamond an affordable choice.


Color grades on fancy yellow diamonds:

Fancy light yellow, fancy yellow, fancy intense yellow, fancy dark yellow, fancy deep yellow, and fancy vivid yellow.


Fancy Yellow Diamond for Sale:

Diamond Buyers sell’s GIA certified natural fancy color diamonds. Contact us at 208-450-9014 for your favorite color, shape, and size. We will supply you a price quote on any of the following colors…. Red, blue, pink green, orange, yellow brown and black. All diamonds requested will be subject to current availability. Diamond Buyers prides itself in never being undersold!

Colored Diamonds including yellow diamonds