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Our goal for when you give her that “magic diamond ring” is for her to squeal with delight
and give you the biggest wettest kiss you have ever got.

Diamond Buying Guide: How To Buy a Diamond

Step 1:

Determine your ideal price range for the complete ring. Don’t stretch your budget. You will have many more major expenses to come. Select the diamond first because it represents the major portion of your investment.

Step 2:

Be certain to get the shape she wants… Shape is crucial

Step 3:

Try to select a diamond in her preferred size range if you can afford it.

Step 4:

Select the best value and best looking diamond in your price range considering the diamonds cut, color, and clarity and carat weight. This is where we come in. Call us at 208-450-9014 or Skype us and let us help you select the best diamond in your price range for YOU! After all that’s our job! Click here to select your diamond.