Diamond Search Instructions: Buy Diamonds Online

Whether you are looking to buy diamonds online or sell diamonds online, we pride ourselves in getting you the most. The most cash for your diamond if you are selling and the largest diamond you can afford if buying. To search for diamonds online, the following instructions are to help build an online engagement ring:

1. First select the Shape you want. Then click on the shape pictured.

2. Now go to Carat weight and pick the size range you wish. For instance if you want a 1/2ct. using the sliding arrows begin at .50ct with the first arrow and slide the last arrow to .59ct. Do the same for all sizes. For 3/4ct. enter .70-.79ct. For a light 1ct. diamond enter .90-.99ct.  For a full 1.00ct. enter 1.00-1.09ct. and etc.

3. Next will be Cutting proportions. Unless you definitely want an ideal cut diamond which is by far the most rare and costly your best value for a beautifully cut diamond will be between very good and good. Click on the drop-down tabs and select your cutting choice.

4. Color is the single most important factor to the naked eye. You will definitely see color. D E & F colors are colorless and extremely rare and much more costly. By all means select one of those colors if that is indeed what you want. Your best value for a white diamond fall between the color grads G-J.

5. Clarity pertains to the internal perfection of the diamond. Flawless is extremely rare and costly as are VVS1- VVS2. Most customers select between VS1-SI2. Any diamond that has a clarity grade that falls within this category is considered to be of good clarity. You however must choose how important clarity is to you and select the grade you prefer.

6. Certification is extremely important and is your assurance that you’re purchasing the quality diamond you desire. Diamond Buyers only sells GIA certified diamonds because the GIA diamond certificate is the only undisputed diamond certificate that is recognized the world over .Click on the drop-down tab and enter GIA.

7. Matched Pairs: click on the tab that says All stones.

8. Lastly is the price range. Select a beginning and ending price range that is ideal for you. If you are unable to find the size you want in your price range call us toll-free at 208-450-9014 for assistance.

9. Regardless of size most customers seem to choose H-I Color and SI1-SI2 Clarity in order to receive the best looking diamond that yields the biggest bang for the buck.