Get cash for jewelry at Diamond Buyers in Ketchum

Get cash for jewelry fast and easy, and now in our local Ketchum location! Diamond Buyers, a national asset-based lending company, is expanding. Not only can you request a loan or sell online, you can visit our local Ketchum location today.

Diamond Buyers purchased this ruby and diamond vintage ring for $1,800.

Get cash for jewelry locally

At Diamond Buyers, we notice a great deal of traffic coming from Idaho. Many of our clients found a void in the Idaho marketplace for asset-based loans. To further accommodate our clientele, we are now open for business in Ketchum. We can make appointments, or even make offers for online submissions to sell and get a loan.

Combining expertise and experiences from both Diamond Buyers and Diamond Banc, we offer unmatched purchasing and lending power. Begin your initial sell or loan submission and receive funding up to $500,000 in 24 hours or less!

We buy and lend against all sorts of luxury items

Diamond & Platinum Antique Ring
Diamond Buyers paid $4,000 for this transitional early Art Deco diamond and platinum ring.

From your diamond engagement ring to precious metal bullion, Diamond Buyers offers top dollar. Our retail network and expert jewelry evaluation allows us to take every value-adding factor into consideration.

A client borrowed $40,000 from Diamond Buyers for this 5.09CTW diamond ring.

Of course, many clients do not want to part with their most precious piece of jewelry, their engagement ring. Which is why our asset-based loans are so popular.

When you borrow cash for jewelry, our goal is the same as yours : we give you money to take advantage of your opportunities and give your jewelry back when you’re ready.

We offer more for designer pieces

Diamond Buyers offers more than melt value for designer pieces like these David Yurman Cable bracelets.

Most pawn shops and other lenders simply offer based on the value of melting down precious metals in jewelry. But Diamond Buyers finds other value-adding factors. Here are some other details that go into evaluating the worth of designer pieces.

–The condition the piece is in

-The popularity of the designer and style of the piece

-The materials that make up the piece (Gold vs. sterling silver, gemstones    vs. diamonds)

-The prevalence of the designer’s pieces on the second hand market

Diamond Buyers commonly loans $100 to $150 for David Yurman Crossover rings like this one.

Some of the most discarded features that add value to jewelry is the box and paperwork. Original documentation, certification of authenticity, and designer packaging can all add value to your jewelry. Many clients who sell or get cash for Rolex watches find their packaging and paperwork increases their loan value. These items also make it easier for us to evaluate luxury watches.

Clients receive more for a Rolex with original packaging and documentation of authenticity.

Our simple process

Our offers are determined by the liquid value of your luxury item. We do not run any credit checks, employment verification or require a repayment guarantee.

This simple three-step process, makes it easy to sell or borrow money locally and online. Within 24 hours of your online submission, we make an initial offer and have you bring your item into our Ketchum location.

If your loan amount totals over $100,000 a member of Diamond Buyers’ staff may even travel to you for an evaluation.

Ready to get cash for jewelry now?

Fill out a secure form on our website to borrow money now. Tell us about your designer jewelry, luxury watch and/or diamond, and we’ll email you an offer. Or, schedule a visit to our Ketchum location today.