Using a Rolex for a Jewelry Equity Loan

Using a Rolex for a jewelry equity loan as collateral is a great way to get fast capital.

The first step is to go to Diamond Buyers’s loan form. Then you select a luxury watch to get a loan on. You can then select the brand of your luxury watch.

Then, you will be prompted to select how much you would like to borrow for your jewelry equity loan.

Finally, we ask you to provide any additional information that could be useful for the jewelry equity loan. It is optional to provide answers for these questions. You can provide the original purchase price, describe your Rolex and attach any pictures. All of this information on the initial form is to help the jewelry experts at Diamond Buyers provide you with an intial quote. You will usually be provided a free quote within one day of filling out the interest form.

After you accept the initial quote, Diamond Buyers will provide you with a pre-paid, fully-insured shipping label. All shipments are insured by Jewelers Mutual and Brinks, so you can rest assured that you’re fully covered. When your Rolex arrives at one of Diamond Buyer’s offices, your package will be opened under video recording for your protection.

Finally, once your Rolex has been evaluated, Diamond Buyers will contact you with our official offer and arrange for immediate payment via check or wire transfer. If you don’t accept the final offer, that’s completely fine, your Rolex will be shipped back at no cost to you. No risk. No obligation.

Overall, if you’re planning to get a loan on your Rolex, Diamond Buyers is great to work with. Fill out an interest form or stop by today to get started!