How To Get An Asset-Based Loan

Do you know that you need an asset-based loan? If yes, get a quick and easy asset-based loan using your high-end jewelry as collateral with Diamond Buyers. The process is extremely simple and you can get your funds in as quick as 48 hours!

First Steps

If you don’t live near one of our Diamond Buyers locations you can still get an asset-based loan in no time. The first thing you need to do is go to and click on “Get a Loan”. Then you will select what type of high-end jewelry you would use as collateral. After that, you provide some further details about your jewelry so our experts at Diamond Buyers can give you an accurate initial quote. If you agree to the initial quote, then you’re ready to move forward with the next step in the asset-based loan process!

Next Step

Diamond Buyers will then provide you with an insured shipping label so you can safely and quickly mail your high-end jewelry to the nearest location. Once your item arrives, it will be evaluated by Diamond Buyer’s expert team. The entire time your jewelry is being opened from the box and evaluated it is being filmed. This makes the process very trustworthy and transparent.

Last Step

Finally, you will be contacted with an official offer for your collateral. When the offer is agreed upon, you simply get to choose the method of immediate payment. However, if you decide not to get an asset-based loan, your item will be shipped right back to you at no cost!

Get started today by filling out Diamond Buyer’s risk-free asset-based loan form.

How an Asset-Based Loan for Your Small Business Can Benefit You

Are you a small business owner seeking to expand your operations, then you’ll need increased cash flow and the assurance of liquidity. Many companies are in dire need of working capital just to ensure business operations run smoothly. To meet these requirements, consider using your assets as collateral and get an asset-based loan for small businesses with Diamond Buyers.

Use an asset-based loan for small businesses to trade your unwanted jewelry for cash.

Use an asset-based loan for small businesses to trade your unwanted jewelry for cash.

Get an Asset-Based Loan for Your Small Business

Traditional business loans are typically limited to medium-scale and large-sized companies. And, the process to get a traditional loan involves time-consuming paperwork, credit checks and long wait times for approval.

If you have a small business, you’re used to finding creative solutions to problems, so use the assets you already have to get a loan at Diamond Buyers. Our jewelry asset-based loans for small businesses give you freedom and flexibility in financing your business.

How Much Can You Borrow?

Your jewelry asset qualifies you for a certain amount of money to borrow, known as the borrowing base.

You calculate the borrowing base value for a loan by the designer, style and materials of your jewelry. You’ll make more money with a designer piece because they are constantly in high demand. Bring your designer jewelry’s original paperwork or packaging into Diamond Buyers, and increase the value of your loan.

Jewelry asset-based loans for small businesses are faster to obtain than conventional loans, and require less documentation. They also guarantee financial stability, especially if your company is going through tough times. Experts rightly say that asset-based loans are the best way to withstand turbulence in the industry right now.


If you want to learn more about a jewelry asset-based loan for small businesses, contact Diamond Buyers today!

Don’t Borrow Money From Your IRA Do This Instead

If you need money quickly, borrowing money from your Roth IRA may seem like an attractive option. However, the rules for borrowing from your IRA are extremely strict and difficult. If you want a quick and easy option of borrowing money, then you should consider getting a jewelry equity loan from Diamond Buyers.

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